Month In Review Clarifies Amway Style Sales Differences With MXI Corp In Albany New York

Our Albany New York Month in Review call last night was nothing short of pure success, which we celebrated the creation of XO Lifestyle Worldwide, formally known as MXI Corp. provided a glimpse of our new XO products that will launch in mid-September, recognized our XO Gold Inner Circle Founders, and much MUCH more.

Meet XO President, Brad Stewart:  The new XO President, Brad Stewart is traveling throughout North America to share his vision and empower our leaders within the network to build, grow, and educate themselves on the importance of our healthy products that ranges from healthy chocolate, skincare, hair care, anti-aging and weight loss. To find an event location near you, please visit our Corporate Events Calendar. Brad is an incredible visionary leader who inspires all he meets. We are so lucky as a company to have a man of this experience and quality leading us as President.

Meet XO Founder and CSO, Chanda Zaveri:  The world’s leading molecular biologist, Chanda Zaveri, provided a glimpse of the new skincare line that will launch during our big reveal in mid-September at our XO Premier and 2014 International General Celebration (IGC). Chanda’s passion to reverse the aging process and her understanding of developing peptides has enabled her to create best-selling products. She will personally train and educate you on the importance of caring for the biggest organ of your body, your skin. Her energy and expertise is something you have to experience yourself and this call was the first time she has ever shared her unique and brilliant vision with the XO team!

Get your SkinHealix NOW:  Jeanette Brooks, Founder and CEO announced a new shipping date exclusively for our XO Gold Inner Circle Founders, which allows them to be the FIRST to test drive the new skincare line! This will help promote your business during events, parties, and much more.

SkinHealix ‘Acne Dots’ Revolution | Adam Paul… by adampaulgreen

Who’s in the XO Gold Inner Circle?  We have sold over 600 XO Success Packs!  Thus, filling 60% of the 100 available XO Gold Inner Circle positions!  Seats to the Inner Circle are filling up fast so act now to get an incredible introduction and red carpet treatment at our International General Celebration!

Celebrate with the XO Leaders!
The countdown is nearing towards its final days to our next celebration.

Leadership Elite Retreat – XO Leaders will celebrate and recognize our Triple Diamonds on a luxury event that will take place at the Hyatt Resort that is situated in Lake Tahoe’s tranquil North Shore. This exclusive event is scheduled for September 14-16, 2014.  Go Triple Diamond and you qualify for this elite experience!

XO Premier – The big reveal will directly follow our Leadership Elite Retreat in North Lake Tahoe on September 17, 2014.  This event will celebrate and recognize our XO Gold Inner Circle Founders, where they will receive exclusive training on our upcoming XO Products.

Millionaire Mentor Session – Receive training from Master Distributor, Jeremy Reynolds and his incredibly talented team, on September 18, 2014 in Reno, Nevada.  Jeremy and leaders will provide his network marketing expertise and help you become the next XO Lifestyle Millionaire!

2014 International General Celebration – Join and celebrate with your fellow XO Lifestyle Worldwide team and receive exclusive training from all of the XO Players, hear the latest success stories from around the XO Lifestyle Network, and attend our first ever Distributor Choice Awards that will be held during our Friday Night Recognition Dinner.  This celebration is a once in a year opportunity that you do not want to miss. To purchase your ticket today download the IGC form or call our Customer Care Team by dialing: 775-971-9903 Monday through Friday from 6am-5pm PDT.


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