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Totalitarian Brear Patch Maneuvered Over by Xocai Owners Through Dark-Heart Cocoa Products in Albany New York

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Dark-Heart Cocoa Products in Albany New York

Xocai leaders are making big headway in the chocolate industry through an unprecidented network of home business entrepreneurs in places around the globe including Albany, New York.

Xocai is the maker of healthy dark chocolate. Some call it dark-heart chocolate because it is cold-pressed to retain valuable nutrition and unprecidented flavor.

Like navigating the briar patch, Xocai distributors are workig hard to raise awareness among consumers who are looking for a healthy alternative to their chocolate snack options.

Concerned mothers in the Albany area have indicated concern over what their children are eating. There is an ever-growing number of chocolate snacks on the market, most of them made with an abundance of sugar, additives, and enhancements that reduce the nutritional value, and add calories and insulin-triggering spikes of sugar.

Children love to snack, and it makes sense to make healthy alternatives available for them at home, school or at play in any local briar patch you might catch them in.

Xocai is working to raise awareness for their amaxing healthy chocolate products. Xocai makes great-tasting and healthy snacks that can keep any healthy family happy.

Contact your local Xocai distributor about getting a sample, or for information about how you can take advantage of Xocai’s incredible products and unique home business opportunity to start your own business enterprise. Just click the Contact tab at the top of this page and send a request.


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Rain International Seed Based Nutrition News
I’m Adam Green, and I am creating a new team of serious leaders at Rain International, one of the fastest growing direct marketing companies in the world. We sell industry-leading seed-based nutrition products for an active lifestyle in Albany, Clifton Park, Westchester, and Poughkeepsie. I am seeking experienced network marketing leaders in the Schenectady area.

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Rain is the world leader in seed-based nutrition, a revolutionary new active lifestyle supplement that delivers unprecedented nutrition in concentrated amounts from seeds.

Seed nutrition is not only one of the most sustainable sources of food energy on the planet, it also supports a uniquely active lifestyle for athletes, active adults, and people constantly on the go. Click the phone icon below to call me right now…

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Xocai supporters in Albany, New York Discover Bill O’Reilly’s most effective Energy Beverage

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

XO Xocai healthy chocolate business Albany New York

Why do pretentious Xocai supporters in Albany, New York crown Xe Energy Drink as Bill O’Reilly’s most effective beverage option?

The O’Reilly Factor’s Bill O’Reilly promotes Xe Energy Drink as the most robust beverage ever! Try esteemed Xe Energy Drink by contacting me at 5186315150 or I will send a free sample of XE Energy Drink to your Albany area home so you can see what Bill O’Reilly has been raving about for years.

There is no healthy energy solution that compares to outstanding Xe Energy in Schenectady, Clifton Park Westchester, or Poughkeepsie. Made with Xocai’s proprietary cacao; the world’s #1 antioxidant food, Xe gives you smooth, sustained energy and supports your immune system.

No more “tired but wired” in Schenectady. XE helps you think clearly, stay on task, and maintain critical emotional stability. Don’t risk your health and teeth with dangerous poison-packed Red Bull, Monster and Rock Star. Trust your energy needs to nature’s most vigorous energy dynamo: pure, natural cacao.

Once you’ve experienced the effective benefits of Xocai XE, you may want to sell this state-of-the art energy solution in Westchester, and Poughkeepsie by partnering with XO. A thriving Westchester direct sales business can provide extra bucks to supplement your household income.

XO is the category-creating global phenomenon that introduced vigorous antioxidant chocolate to Albany, New York under the former name of Xocai. Xocai is now XO and offers industry-leading acne products along with their acclaimed flagship antioxidant chocolate suite.

Join Team X 88 today!

I am David Rydelnik, and I am a Albany-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor. I joined Xocai in April 2010. I sell the industry-leading Xo

Xocai Multilevel Marketing Success Says 2016 Cacao Supply Is A Modern Day Labyrinth For Albany New York

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Chocolate Supply Is A Modern Day Labyrinth For Albany New York

Leadership teams at Xocai are studying the chocolate supply for 2016 and have determined that there is a virtual labyrinth of options from which to choose.

Home business entrepreneurs in the Albany New York area are faced with a host of options for chocolate, and the supply is as diverse as the most complicated labyrinth.

“There are a lot of options out there for chocolate” says Adam Green, a top Xocai leader working to better understand the chocolate market and the options consumers have for chocolate snacks. “We are trying to deliver a healthier experience with top-quality chocolate, and to raise awareness among consumers that they have options to incorporate a great-tasting staple of snacking into their healthy diet without sacrificing health or nutrition.”

When consumers in Albany New York reach for any of a million chocolate snacks, Xocai is hoping to raise awareness that there is a healthy alternative.

Xocai is a healthy chocolate company working to help chocolate consumers in Albany New York find a nutricious alternative snack. To add to the story, Xocai also offers the opportunity to turn the Albany New York chocolate snacking habit into a terrific home business that may even help healthy snackers earn extra money.

If you are intersted in learning more about Xocai, healthy chocolate, or a new home business opportunity that is growing in Albany New York, click the Contact link at the top of this page and reach out to a local Xocai distributor for all the answers.

Join Team X 88 today!

I am David Rydelnik, and I am a Albany-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor. I joined Xocai in April 2010. I sell the industry-leading Xoçai™ Activ and Xe Healthy Energy online and in Albany, Clifton Park, Westchester, and Poughkeepsie. Our valued Schenectady customers recommend Xe Healthy Energy because Xe Healthy Energy is a natural anti-inflammatory, it helps fight off free-radicals and it is diabetic friendly.

Team X 88 is also a fantastic Xoçai™ Activ home-based business in the Schenectady area. New York entrepreneurs can supplement their income by cashing in on a high-demand New York healthy artisan chocolate market. To learn more about Team X 88, visit

Call me at 5186315150 to own your own Xoçai™ Activ business in Albany, Clifton Park, Westchester, or Poughkeepsie.